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Internet community Sonic-World.ru and online store Videoigr.net invite all Sonic the Hedgehog fans to our annual „Global Meeting 2013“. Fans of the fastest and the most famous hedgehog from all over CIS will attend this event. Global meeting includes official opening, one-night camping and the main event is gaming with contests, tournaments and great prizes!

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„Opening 2013“ will take place on July, 27 in Moscow, Russia. This is when all the fans meet each other, hang out in local park and take part in little contests

Camping will take place on July, 28 and will be for adults only! All the fans take their tents to the forest and spend there one night.

„Gaming“ will be held on August 3 and 4. Gaming is not only the most important but also the most interesting part of the global meeting. Participants will have an opportunity to play almost every Sonic game that was ever made in the past 22 years!

During this event the gaming tournament will be hold. Fans will compete in different Sonic TH games and all the winners will get commemorative prizes! This tournament has it's own unique system: not only inveterate players can win, but everyone, including participants who are not really familiar with sonic games.

Global meeting is annual and hold since 2005. More and more fans attend it every year and the event itself evolves and elaborates. Last year we reached a new level of event quality and this time we are going to do even better! Please check our forums or this website for updates.

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